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A-1 Red Infield Soil is a finely screened material with the perfect combination of sand, silt, & clay. This combination of sand, silt, & clay allows the material to compact, but is still manageable for grooming the surface after play. With optimum moisture and proper grooming, A-1 Red Infield Soil provides a consistent playing surface for baseball & softball infields.


A-1 Red Infield Soil Cutsheet



  • Baseball Infields
  • Softball Infields
  • Bocci Ball Courts
  • Clay Tennis Courts


A-1 Red Infield Soil should be installed and compacted in lifts at a uniform depth of 4” - 6”. It is recommended that a professional laser grader used to slope the infield for proper drainage. When repairing infields by adding additional infield soil, the existing infield should be before incorporating the new soil. This provides a homogenous transition layer and prevents “sheeting.” After installation, properly water the infield until there is a light sheen of water on the surface to allow the soil to settle. *The proper amount of water ensures the best possible playing surface.* The infield soil is designed to compact. If the soil is allowed to dry out, it will harden. If too much water is applied it will become slick. The proper amount of water provides a firm, consistent, playable surface.


  • Sand65%-85%
  • Silt5%-15%
  • Clay10%-20%

Sieve Analysis % Passing

  • #8 (2.36 mm)99-100
  • #16 (1.18mm)85-100
  • #30 (600um)70-85
  • #50 (300um)50-70
  • #100 (150um)25-35
  • #200 (70um)15-25


Specification data subject to change. Additional data available upon request.

Limitation of Warranties: Seller makes no warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the materials; and all warranties, including any implied warranty of merchantability and any implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby excluded.