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Red Cinder Sand is crushed volcanic rock that gets its appearance from the simultaneous rapid cooling and depressurization process after being ejected out of a volcano. Red Cinder Sand has small vesicles which cause it to be so light in weight. These vesicles help retain nutrients and moisture when used as a soil amendment. Red Cinder Sand will also help with drainage as it creates great pore space in soil. It also does not attract fungi, nematodes or insects. Red Cinder Sand has also been used as an infield and warning track component for baseball fields. Red Cinder Sand can also be used for decorative purposes in landscaping.


Red Cinder Sand Cutsheet


  • Soil Amendment
  • Infield & Warning Track Component
  • Decorative Purposes for Landscaping


  • Amending soil, mix 10% of Red Cinder Sand with soil to start out with. Percentages vary depending on the type of gardening project. Plants, flowers, cactus, tree, etc.
  • For adding as an Infield or Warning Track component try mixing with our A-1 Red Infield Soil as the colors nicely blend together
  • For further Red Cinder Sand ratio information on gardening, call your local nursery for assistance.


  • Composition Crushed Volcanic Rock
  • Particle size <1/8”


Specification data subject to change. Additional data available upon request.
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