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Washed Concrete Sand

A coarse sand consisting of a range of granular sizes within the concrete sand specifications.

Washed Concrete Sand Cutsheet


Washed Concrete Sand can be used anywhere coarse-textured sand is specified. It can be mixed into native clay-based soils along with organic matter to alleviate compaction and improve porosity. It is one of the primary coarse-textured sands A-1 Soils uses in its custom soil mixes when weight is not an issue. Uses of concrete sand have included, backfilling of palms, horse arenas, base under pavers, and mixing with cement and aggregate for concrete work.


Incorporate 1 part Washed Concrete Sand and 1 part organic matter into 1 part existing clay-based soil. Rotor till to a depth of 6 to 8 inches for best results. The addition of gypsum is recommended for clay soils.


  • S.E. +/- 79

Sieve Analysis % Passing

  • #4 (4.75 mm) 99-100
  • #8 (2.36 mm) 93-99
  • #16 (1.18mm) 78-82
  • #30 (600um) 56-77
  • #50 (300um) 30-55
  • #100 (150um) 10-29
  • #200 (70um) 0-9


Specification data subject to change.

Additional data available upon request. Limitation of Warranties: Seller makes no warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the materials; and all warranties, including any implied warranty of merchantability and any implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby excluded.