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Washed Plaster Sand

Washed Plaster Sand is natural medium textured sand consisting of a range of granular sizes within the plaster sand specifications.

Washed Plaster Sand Cutsheet


Washed Plaster Sand can be used anywhere clean fine textured sand is specified; such as in plaster or concrete mixes. It can be used to level uneven areas where sod or pavers are to be laid and it is the preferred sand to use to top-dress turf grass lawns and golf tees. Washed Plaster Sand is the best sand to choose when backfilling palm trees. It is one of the primary fine-textured sands A-1 Soils uses in its custom soil mixes.


Washed Plaster Sand can be used directly when backfilling palms. Apply at a depth no greater than 1/8” - to ¼” when using to top-dress turf and tees. Apply a 2 inch layer beneath bricks or pavers before setting. Apply additional Washed Plaster Sand to the finished surface, sweeping into the cracks.


  • S.E. +/- 65

Sieve Analysis % Passing

  • #4 (4.75 mm) 100
  • #8 (2.36 mm) 90-100
  • #16 (1.18mm) 70-90
  • #30 (600um) 40-70
  • #50 (300um) 20-40
  • #100 (150um) 10-20
  • #200 (70um) 0-10


Specification data subject to change. Additional data available upon request.

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