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Our sand products include natural sand and manufactured sand that is produced by crushing rock into sand-sized particles. Our sands are used in a variety of applications, including fill material, trenches, masonry work, concrete mixes, landscaping and in top dressings and bunkers for golf courses

Manufactured Sand

Often referred to as man sand an is made up of the fines from crushing rock and is mostly crushed particles and fines. Manufactured sand is mainly used for backfill, in trenches and foundations, under slabs, pavers and pavements.


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SDG&E Sand

Used for trench work and has been approved by San Diego Gas and Electric.


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Washed Concrete Sand

Our washed sand is used for concrete work, horse arenas and often used in the landscaping industry for backfilling palm trees and plants needing some drainage.


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Washed Plaster Sand

Our Washed Plaster Sand meets ASTM C144 specifications and is used for a construction in mortars and mason grout. This sand is also popular for golf course bunker sand and top dressings for greens.


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Pro Tour Silica Sand

Our pro tour silica sand is white, soft sand that offers very good drainage and used on golf courses for topdressing greens and in bunkers. Other sports uses are for volleyball courts. This sand product is excellent for the topping of pavers in patios.


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#12 Silica Sand

Used for aerating the soil and great for drainage.


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A-1 Beach Sand

A-1 Beach Sand is a clean natural beach sand.


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