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A-1 Planter Mix

A-1 Planter Mix is a blend of washed sand, organic fines, A-1 Lifelike™ 3/8” Compost, peat moss and aqua gro (a wetting agent that enhances its ability to absorb water). This soil is relatively lightweight due to its high organic content and extremely low clay content.  Although it has a superior percolation rate, its water and nutrient holding ability greatly reduce leaching of valuable plant nutrients and minerals.


A-1 Planter Mix Cutsheet



  • Rooftop or parking structure containers and planters
  • Backfill when planting trees or shrubs (well draining)
  • Palms, citrus, succulents media
  • Topdressing


A-1 Planter Mix may be applied directly as a backfill for planters. It may also be applied to existing na-tive soil by rotor-tilling a 2” layer to 2” to 4” of existing soil. It is important to rotor-till with existing soil to create a transition zone. A final layer of 4” to 6” may then be applied to the rotor-tilled surface. Periodically apply mineral nitrogen at 5 pounds per 1,000 square feet.


  • PH Range 6.0 - 7.5
  • ECe (Salinity) ˂ 6.0
  • SAR <3.0
  • Nitrate Nitrogen 1.0 — 15.0
  • Boron ˂ 1.0
  • Organic % by Volume 65%
  • Organic % by Dry Weight 8% - 10%
  • Dry bulk density (lbs/ft3) 66.07%
  • Saturated bulk density (lbs/ft3) 98.28%

Specification data subject to change. Additional data available upon request.

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