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San Diego Select Garden Soil

San Diego Select Garden Soil is 50% sandy loam topsoil amended 50%  by volume with organic components consisting of long lasting A-1 Lifelike™ 3/8” Compost, perlite, peat moss, coir, and nitrogen fortified redwood shavings. This mixture of mineral and organic components provides exceptional plant support and enhanced nutrient-holding capabilities, as well as beneficial humus for plant growth and development.


San Diego Select Topsoil Cutsheet


  • Raised Garden/Vegetable Beds
  • Replacement Soil for excavated areas of poor soil
  • Backfill when planting trees or shrubs
  • Planters


San Diego Select Garden Soil may be applied to existing native soil by rotor-tilling a 2 inch layer to 2 to 4 inches into the existing soil. (This rotor-tilled layer is important as it establishes a transition zone.) A final layer of 4 to 6 inches may then be applied to the rotor-tilled surface. It may also be applied directly into ex-cavated areas. A pre-plant fertilizer is recommended.. Irrigate deeply initially and then moderately after-wards. 


  • Screen Size 1/2” minus
  • PH Range 7.0 - 7.5
  • ECe (Salinity) ˂ 5.0
  • SAR ˂ 8.0
  • Nitrate Nitrogen 2.0 — 15.0
  • Boron ˂ 1.0
  • Organic % by Dry Weight 6% - 10%

Specification data subject to change. Additional data available upon request.

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